Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Seminar and Final Project Week

Hi Everyone:

This is it the big week-final projects are due. I still have a few changes and updates to make and I hope to work on those tonight and have my paper complete and turned in by Thursday or Friday at the latest. This has been a great class and I have learned even more about writing that will be beneficial for me as I continue on my quest to complete my BS. Good luck to all in their quest and adventure in education and hope to see some of you if not all in a future class one day.

Tracie Hernandez

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 8

Hey everyone, decided to take care of this blog tonight so I do not forget again. Holiday weekend coming up and we are off on Monday the 5th. I can not wait to have a long weekend to spend with my family. I have not seen much of them the last couple of weeks. Promised all them, no home work and no work-work. My oldest is in from Alabama so I need to spend some quality time with the family. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Tracie Hernandez